ChIPS Annual Summit 2017

Hundreds of women attended the 2017 ChIPS Annual Summit, held in Washington DC October 17th-19th. Women from across law firms, corporations and government shared their experiences, beliefs, and advice on how women can both thrive in their practices and rise into leadership in their organizations.


  1. Tuesday featured a mock pitch exercise to help women newer in their careers learn how to pitch business to potential clients, arguments to federal judges, or to pitch regulators on behalf of mock clients.
  2. Tuesday night's Hall of Fame Dinner featured insights from Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, and Federal Circuit Judge Pauline Newman presenting ChIPS Hall of Fame award to Michelle Lee, former director of the US Patent & Trademark Office.
  3. In the opening session, co-founder/board member Mallun Yen shared news of the organization's first international chapter opening (in London)--amazing growth considering the program began 12 years ago as a group of seven Silicon Valley women in tech meeting for dinner! Yen also highlighted programs started for teen girls to increase the pipeline of women into STEM, and the general importance of making sure men fight for gender equality alongside women.
  4. In panel discussions, a theme emerged over and over--women need to take risks to advance their careers. Women discussed the reality of diversity on corporate boards and in corporate leadership today, how technology and regulations are intersecting with unmanned aerial systems, and shared wisdom from a panel of all-star general counsel. Of course, no conference is complete without sessions on blockchain and fintech.