'Book of Mormon' Hits London

The hit Broadway musical has already caused hysteria amongst UK fans of the show's writers.


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  2. 'Book of Mormon', originally opened in March 2011 in New York, has finally transferred to the West End with an official opening on 23rd March 2013. The show is written by the writers of famous American animated sitcom, 'South Park'. So it's not surprising that it seems to be as well received on this side of the pond than it has been on Broadway. Ticket sales have been steadily high since they went on sale over three months ago, with most preview performances being fully sold out. But it seems the show also has the advantage of clever marketing. Being aware that many fans did not get the chance to purchase tickets for any of the early performances, they decided to start previews a day early - selling all tickets for that one performance for a cheap price of £20. When they announced this on their official Facebook page, it caused excitement and madness amongst fans. 
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  4. The following photos and videos show the crazy length of the queue for those £20 tickets which went on sale at 12pm on 8th February 2013. Some fans camped outside the theatre overnight to make sure they wouldn't miss out on seeing the first ever preview of this show in London.
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  7. The book of Mormon. Musical. HUGE QUEUE to buy a ticket. LONDON
  8. The Telegraph even covered the day - it has been a while since a West End show has received such level of enthusiasm from fans before it has even officially opened!
  9. The first seven fans in that long queue, or 'The Famous 7' as the Book of Mormon page has labeled them, were rewarded with their own Book of Mormons by box office staff, as a souvenir for being so dedicated and queuing for over 12 hours. 
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  11. And the response so far has been amazing. With many theatre fans claiming it's the best show they have seen in a long time. 
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  13. In the video below, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the writers of the show, explain the creative process into coming up with the idea for this musical. 
  14. Matt Stone and Trey Parker talk the Book of Mormon in London
  15. Of course, not every fan had the opportunity to see that first preview. And with tickets selling so well at standard West End prices for the rest of the performances, it can seem impossible to see. Fans have not hesitated to express their complains about the show's high ticket prices.
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  17. However, the show does offer an alternative. They've introduced 'The Lottery' - a ticket-buying practice very common in Broadway theatres, but not very known in London. The idea is that there are a number of seats held back for each performance (21 seats on the front row in Mormon's case), and fans can buy these seats for £20 only, if they manage to 'win' the lottery. Basically, you get to the theatre 2.5 hours before the show starts, write your name on one of their official lottery slips, wait for half an hour, until they make the draw at 5:30pm. Of course, this is a risky method and you are not guaranteed tickets (there have been around 100 people entering the lottery for tickets every evening so far, with only 10 or so winners each night), but it is an affordable one - particularly if you are a local. For fans living outside London, though, it can be problematic and not practical. 
  18. Despite most  previews being sold out, there are still full-price tickets available for the remaining performances. If you're thinking of buying tickets for this production, it might be a good idea to do so as soon as possible. With the press night only ten days away, you can expect praising reviews to make it even more difficult to see this hit show. If you are a member of What's On Stage, you can also buy slightly reduced tickets for their 'outing' on 9th July. 
  19. Whatever you do, try and see this funny and somewhat controversial show before it's too late. The hype already generated around it is a good indication of its long future success.