Salford's No. 50 Bus: A free service being taken for a ride by students

Since taking over from the Salford QuaysLink bus, the no. 50 has had many people complaining about the unreliability of Stagecoach's service, which is heavily depended on.


  1. The bus runs from East Didsbury, through Manchester city centre and terminates at Media City UK. However it is mainly used by students from the University of Salford going to their Media City campus.

    The bus service is free to students between the Fredericks road campus bus stop and Media City.
  2. The students however fell that they are being let down with the no. 50 service compared to the University's very own campus bus, which goes to each campus, but not to Media City.
  3. The main issue for students is the irregularity of the Bus times, even though there is a timetable in place.
  4. Even staff at the University feel let down by the service.
  5. Recently, students have been found 'abusing' the free bus service by getting on between Media City and Fredericks road campus and going straight into Manchester city centre, something with doesn't qualify as a free service to students.
  6. Not all people have criticized the bus service, Police officers in the area use the bus and they think that the service is great for students.