How to Revise IIT JEE Syllabus in Last One Month?


  1. So you have just one month left for the preparation of IIT JEE. We assume that you have already covered the entire IIT JEE syllabus and want to make the most of the time left to ensure thorough revision. Now, you have enough time if you are just left with the revision process. Here is how to revise your IIT JEE syllabus in the last one month:
  2. 1. Get Organized

    It is time to get organized and focus completely on your IIT JEE preparation. Begin by preparing a schedule to ensure you are able to revise the entire syllabus within the days left for the exam. Follow the set schedule diligently. If at any point you are not able to meet the set goals even after pushing yourself to the limit, it is time to make changes in the schedule.
  3. 2. Refer to Your Hand Written Notes

    It is time to quickly revise all your chapters. So, do not juggle between your guide books at this time. Just take out your hand written notes and refer to them for revision.
  4. 3. Give Mock Tests Every Day

    It is time to give mock tests every day. Mock tests are a great way to revise your IIT JEE syllabus. Giving mock tests helps you identify the topics you are weak in. So, you can work on them when there is still time. Mock tests also help you understand the examination pattern and giving these regularly develops speed and accuracy. It is suggested to give mock tests every day preferably during the same time of the day as your examination is to be held.
  5. 4. Focus on the Important Parts

    While you must be thorough with all the topics alike, it is suggested to focus slightly more on the important ones. You can have a look at the previous years’ exam papers or seek help from your faculties to know which topics are relatively more important.
  6. 5. Clarify Your Doubts

    You still have time to clarify any doubts and apprehensions related to any of the topics in your IIT JEE syllabus. So seek help from your teachers, seniors or fellow students to get clarification.
  7. 6. Use Different Revision Techniques

    It is recommended to use different revision techniques to ensure thorough revision. For instance, you may juggle between reading the content, writing it, watching video lectures, using flash cards and so on. This is an effective way to memorise the chapters rather than using the same technique over and over again. It is even recommended to go for group study sessions every once in a while during your revision process.

    Don’t forget to share how these tips helped. Also, tell us if you know of any other effective revision tip!