Welcome to @sagefoundation: 7 things you should know.

For us it's about working together, to do more good. We're powered by: Colleague volunteering, grants for good & donated software to eligible charities, social enterprises & nonprofits worldwide. Follow @sagefoundation & our @Dreamforce story #DF16 #SageLive


  1. 1. We're only 1 year old. We're young, but oh so mighty.

  2. Welcome to Sage Foundation
  3. 2. We're powered by our 2+2+2 commitment. 5 days volunteering for colleagues worldwide *CHECK*, 2% of our free cash flow in grants for good *CHECK* & 2 donated licenses to eligible charities, social enterprises and nonprofit organisations *CHECK*. Here's Sage North American President, Marc Scheipe to explain more.

  4. Sage Foundation Launches in North America
  5. 3. We know strong finance and operations teams keep the nonprofit sector going. Our vision is to help you make informed decisions so you can deliver what you do best, for those who need it the most.

  6. 4. We're pretty proud of our volunteers. They do amazing, brilliant things everyday to help their local communities. Here are just two stories from Kenya & the UK.

  7. Sage Foundation at Compassionate Hands for the Disabled in Kenya
  8. 5. We know what matters most is what our charity and nonprofit partners say - and the people we want to help.

  9. 6. And...we know to build opportunity, you have to work hard. Like this maybe? #22PushUpChallenge

  10. 22 Push-up Challenge: Stephen Kelly and Marc Scheipe
  11. 7. Stay tuned - we're @Dreamforce (Salesforce.org Lodge, 16a) with VERY exciting #SageLive news for the nonprofit & charity community. Stay connected @sagefoundation - thanks!