1. A picket was held outside the SANDF base in Oudtshoorn,with members of the SA National Def Union protesting over conditions at the base.
  2. If Heineke Meyer knew Rugby better than I do he would let Morne Steyn go on a 4 week holiday, so we could win the All blacks the 6th of Oct!
  3. What's the difference between OMO and Heineke Meyer? OMO removes an unwanted stain...
  4. Run Forrset, Run! Is what Megan Stammers will shout when the police are chasing Jeremy Forrset through a vineyard..
  5. If I were Megan Stammers I'd refuse to come home until I had assurances that Jeremy Forrest wasn't going to face any penalty.
  6. Racist, Islamophobic advert in America: "In any war between the civilised man and a savage. Support the civilised man. Defeat Jihad." #SMH
  7.  http://news.sky.com/story/987227/anti-jihad-adverts-to-run-in-new-york-subway story/987227/anti-jihad-adverts-to-run-in-new-york-subway I'm actually sure America is trying to get another attack on their soil. First, that movie, now this advert.
  8. The sad truth...cancer kills - but, the REAL cancer IS NOT the disease, it's the pharmaceutical companies that profit from your pain and suffering!!! WTFU!!!!!
  9. Promising research. Yet another way for marijuana to save the world.
  10. Silly Paris Hilton, your public apology for that homophobic rant won't restore 98% of your fans back...At least you still have your doggies.
  11. So Paris Hilton says the gays have aids??? HA!!! And thats your only mainstream of fans. Smh.
  12. Dude, take the shot..the worst she can say is no and women like a guy who can nake them laugh...
  13. Ah! This gives hope to the rest of us stocky men.