1. 8 South Africans dead in the Kabul suicide attack; more pointless bloodshed over a crappy home video no-one in the West would even watch.
  2. Did the Kabul suicide bomber that killed 8 South Africans and 4 others leave a note saying it was linked to the American film?
  3. Finally peace have been restored & the lonmin miners will get what they deserve,the increase that some of their coworkers died for.
  4. Fantastic news that miners #Marikana are accepting Lonmin wage offer. May the increase help them feed their families, and give them peace.
  5. The Parlotones moving to LA. Another great reason for Americans to comfort-eat
  6. The Parlotones are moving to America! Good bye & take your damn eyeliner with you! #Hallelujah
  7. this is why i think religion is a sham!! because no one knows the whole truth about any of it!
  8. This will ruffle a few feathers, because many believers will NOT accept ANYTHING which is in conflict with what they already believe! The truth is NOT always the goal!
  9. Meanwhile, as the MidEast burns & our econ collapses, Obama is whooping it up w/ Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Prime Minister David Letterman tonight.
  10. Christmas for Obama. Perfectly pitched response on Letterman. Republicans "good family people", patriots. Pres represents the whole country
  11. Massive congratulations to robbie Williams and his wife ayda I'm so happy rob you'll make an amazing farther welcome to the world theadora x
  12. Theodora Rose Williams is an excellent name. Oh he is at the top of a flume ride of love. I'm happy for Robbie.