CEV in the News 5/21/2012

Safe Start's weekly offering of current events with a childhood exposure to violence focus. This week's highlights include the impact of the documentary "Bully", youth standing against teen dating violence through music, and youth marching against gang violence.


  1. Officials: Mentally ill children who don't get help can end up in criminal justice system

    This article discusses the problems that arise when at-risk children with mental health needs and their families do not receive vital services and interventions.
  2. Children's Well-being Central to Courts’ Mission, Expert Panel Says

    An expert panel talks about the need in juvenile and family courts to help with the well-being of children. The fear is that if courts fail then a child’s mental, physical and emotional well-being are at serious risk. 
  3. Iowa town wrestles with aftermath of 'Bully' documentary

    Sioux City, featured in the documentary "Bully", communities now have greater awareness about the serious consequences of bullying surrounding them, and citizens are now faced with how to go forward in addressing it.
  4. Oakland Effect: Richmond students contemplate violence globally and locally

    Teens from Salesian High School are talking about the importance of sharing their experiences with violence at home and globally and how it has effected them and their peers.
  5. Empowering Youth To Stand Against Teen-Dating Violence Through Music

    Along with 7 other finalists, aged 13-20, Charlie Dane is participating in a countrywide project from, Pave the Way Project (PWP) which uses original music to raise awareness about the dangers and mental health impact of dating violence among youth.  
  6. Experts: Better reporting of child abuse needed

    This local report from Portland, Maine highlights the ongoing discussion of the need for better education about mandated reporting and how to recognize abuse, especially given the rise in cases of child abuse across the country.
  7. Start Strategies to Prevent Child Trafficking Early

    Child Trafficking prevention advocate and supporter Holly Smith speaks out in support of new Virginia legislation aimed to combat human trafficking within the state. She reiterates that now the next step is supporting and ensuring the new laws have a real impact.
  8. Youths march to denounce gang violence

    About 150 youth marched through the Old West End to fight back and denounce the gang violence plaguing the city. They want to offer a more positive and hopeful message about the city's youth. 
  9. More Emphasis on Youth Violence

    There is a growing movement in Philadelphia to combat youth violence and an emphasis on the importance of a community approach to reducing it. Citizens are being asked to help fight crime and exposure to violence any way they can in school, at home and on their streets. 
  10. California's Child Care System Faces Deep Cuts

    California's budget deficit will have a deep impact on child welfare services in the state. The child care system faces a 20 percent reduction in budget and communities fear the consequences this will have on child protection and health.