CEV in the News 5/14/2012

Safe Start's weekly offering of current events with a childhood exposure to violence focus. This week continues the focus on Mental Health Month and Children's Mental Health Awareness.


  1. OK Day Raises Mental Health Awareness at OP

    To support Children's Mental Health Awareness Orchard Park Secondary School hosted a large event sharing a variety of activities to raise awareness about mental health. Some activities included expert-led seminars for teens and teaching stress relieving activities. 

  2. L.A.'s "Children's Mental Health Awareness Day" Efforts To Reach 1.5 Million Spanish Language Readers in May

    Staff and contributors to El Clasificado, a free Spanish language publication available in L.A. County, worked to develop an interactive promotion for adult readers to learn ways to build childhood resilience through praise. A contest had readers submitting completed puzzles, made up of positive words and phrases to use with kids, for prizes promoting family interaction.

  3. Children's Mental Health Awareness Day 2012

    A roundup of Children's Mental Health Awareness Day events around Washington, D.C. including the SAMHSA Heroes of Hope program.
  4. Giving Troubled Young Children a Voice

    A blog post shares how complex children's mental health issues can be. It also reiterates the importance that relationships play in promoting children's healthy emotional development, especially relationships between caregivers and children and clinicians.
  5. Michael McCartan: Knowing effects of children's trauma can help them prosper

    Michael McCartan, executive director of St. Clair County Community Mental Health, shares how good mental health is key to a child's positive development and the ways parents and caregivers can help children cope. 
  6. Children's Mental Health: Can You Recognize Myths About Autism, Anorexia And Other Disorders?

    The Child Mind Institute's Speak Up For Kids campaign helps parents recognize myths about mental health. This provides a short quiz to test knowledge and raise awareness about children's mental health issues. 
  7. Why Treatment Is Critical for Youth With Mental Illness

    Michelle Roberts shares a blog post about the importance of helping children suffering from mental health issues and their families. She points out that early treatment is critical because 1 in 10 kids have a mental illness serious enough to impair their day-to-day life in some way.
  8. The Invisible Bruise: Complexities of Protecting Children from Emotional Abuse and Psychological Maltreatment

    Brean C. Flynn, a Tufts University, Child & Family Policy M.A. student, presents a paper on the difficulties and intricacies that make identifying and assessing emotional abuse to children so complex. 
  9. Pennsylvania Releases 2011 Child Abuse Data

    The State of Pennsylvania discusses its most recent child abuse data report, the impact on children, and a note about  the Task Force on Child Protection created by the government in response to last year's Penn State abuse case.
  10. Next step for abused children still evolving

    This article talks about Maine's evolving child welfare policy, in alleged cases of abuse & neglect, of keeping children with parents unless they face physical abuse or serious neglect. It touches on the impact the process has on children's mental and emotional health. 
  11. Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?

    This New York Times article shares a discussion about the difficulties surrounding diagnosing child development issues and the social and emotional impact it can have on the mental health and well-being of the child and the family.