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10 Reasons Bulgaria's #ДАНСwithme Protests Are Glorious

Bulgarians have been protesting their newly elected Government over its decision to appoint a 33-year-old oligarch for head of the National Security Agency (DANS).


  1. Over 10 000 people have been out on the streets every day after exactly 18:30 to attend the #ДАНСwithme protest, ДАНС being a game of words between the name of the agency and "dance". But why are these protest so different for Bulgaria:
  2. 1. People came with their kids, dogs and bikes bringing flowers and keeping it positive!
  3. 2. People used QR codes to communicate their slogans so that kids wouldn't hear them say bad words
  4. The text says: That is what I would have told you if not for the children around and the QR code reads simply "FUCK YOU".
  5. 3. They brought water to the police sympathising with them for the heat
  6. And the police responded by protecting the peaceful protest. Further their syndicate issued a press release in support for what is happening on the streets.
  7. 4. Everybody did their best to keep it calm and peaceful. When paid provocators came the police was signaled so they took them away.
  8. Police and demonstrators worked together to identify, isolate and arrest the instigators.
  9. 5. And people danced for real!
  10. 6. Protesters kept the streets clean

  11. 7. People demonstrated with books in hand
  12. 8. The crowd let ambulances pass