The myth about the myth - 26 weeks and its relevance to adoption proceedings.

What is the relevance of the new 26 week timetable in care proceedings for adoption proceedings. Is it a 'myth' that it has any relevance at all?


  1. Sir Martin Narey appeared on the Today programme on November 11th, setting out his concerns about how recent court cases have been misinterpreted and set the bar too high for considering adoption. To counter this, he is setting out 'myth busting' guidance to aid understanding.
  2. One of his concerns is that people believe the new 26 week timetable for care proceedings introduced by the Children and Families Act 2014 has something to do with adoption proceedings. This in his eyes is 'a myth'.
  3. LA are encouraged to apply for placement orders at the same time as their final care orders. The final care plan, setting out adoption as the only realistic option for the child must be submitted with their final evidence well in advance of the final care hearing so it can be ratified by their Agency Decision Maker.
  4. Thus the drive for increased speed and efficiency in care proceedings is very relevant to decisions about adoption. It is puzzling that anyone could say otherwise. And the implications of this are not yet fully known.
  5. Martin Narey responds. As Carl Rogers says - 'the facts are always friendly. There is nothing dangerous or unsatisfying about being closer to the truth'.