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Syracuse Alumni at NYC's Hottest Startups

On March 12, 2014, we hosted a panel discussion and networking session focused on NYC's hottest startups. The event was held in the West Village office of Jibe. More than 65 young alumni and students attended; the room buzzed with conversation about startup life, culture, hiring, and more!


  1. Our alumni and student guests arrived at Jibe, mingled over light refreshments and remarked on the company's fun atmosphere. Jibe has a ping-pong table and dart board so employees can kick back and take a break from work once in awhile.
  2. Dan Klamm introduced the alumni panelists -- an impressive group hailing from companies including Buzzfeed, Crowdtap, General Assembly, Internet Week, Jibe, Kickstarter, and NewsCred.
  3. The panelists shared "a day in the life" at their jobs. With diverse careers in product design, community management, finance, and strategic partnerships, their days include some similarities and differences.
  4. The conversation shifted to the pros and cons of working at a startup: the pace, the culture, the goals. What is startup life really like? What might outsiders be surprised to know?