STEPS Summer School 2015

Pictures, tweets, debates, joy and hard thinking from our annual summer school, bringing together 42 people from 31 countries to dive into the politics of innovation, sustainability and development.


  1. On a map of the world, our very global group of participants show where they come from and where they work.
  2. In the first lecture, Ian Scoones presented an overview of the STEPS 'Pathways approach', our analysis of the framings, knowledge, strategies and politics of sustainability. See the STEPS book 'Dynamic Sustainabilities' for the detailed version:
  3. Lyla Mehta, STEPS Water & Sanitation convenor, spoke on the politics of development in peri-urban India, including a clip from the STEPS film "Water and Justice: peri-urban pathways in Delhi".

  4. Next, Adrian Smith introduces grassroots innovation for sustainable development.

  5. Day 3 started with a short lecture by Andy Stirling on uncertainty and incomplete knowledge. Then it was off to the Sussex Downs for a beautiful walk in the sunshine. The 'walkshop' format allows people to discuss a series of set questions in small groups, with occasional stops for everyone to feedback and regroup.