STEPS Centre Summer School Storify

This is the social story of the first Summer School on “Pathways to Sustainability”, held at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. Through a programme of lectures, workshops and public events, participants will discuss how pathways to sustainability are being pursued in different settings.


  1. STEPS Summer School begins

  2. Students for the STEPS Summer School gather for the first time at the IDS Convening Space. After an introduction from STEPS Director Melissa Leach, everyone got to know each other through a 'rivers of life' exercise.
  3. Melissa kicks off the STEPS Summer School 2012
    Melissa kicks off the STEPS Summer School 2012
  4. Grouping the participants 2
    Grouping the participants 2
  5. Lecture from Prof Tim Jackson

  6. In a brilliant capstone for the first day, Prof Tim Jackson gave a thought-provoking lecture on 'Where is the green economy?'
  7. Institute of Development Studies
  8. Introducing the STEPS Pathways approach

  9. Melissa Leach spent the morning of the second day introducing the STEPS  'pathways approach'. Find out more on:
  10. Melissa Leach - The Pathways Approach
  11. STEPS Walkshop #1: Risk and uncertainty

  12. On the third day, students took to the rolling English countryside to discuss issues of risk and uncertainty. After a though-provoking presentation by STEPS director Andy Stirling, the group set off to discuss such questions as: 'Is knowledge power?' and 'Is consensus a firmer ground for action than dissent?'