Resource Politics: Transforming Pathways to Sustainability

This STEPS Centre Conference, from 7-9 September, will begin to unpack assumptions, question simplistic prescriptions and debate alternatives about the politics of resources and pathways to sustainability. Join us in these conversations throughout the event #resourcepol


  1. Resource Politics banner
    Resource Politics banner
  2. The conference will explore six key themes throughout the three days: scarcity, politics and securitization; resource grabbing; governance, elites, citizenship and democracy; financialisation and markets; growth, waste and consumption and gender, race, class and sustainability
  3. In the run up to the conference we are looking forward to the discussions and debates. With academics, practitioners, policymakers and activists taking part, we hope it will be a platform for open and balance debate about future options.
  4. Ahead of the #resourcepol conference, tweets, blogs and articles set the scene for the exciting debates and discussion about to take place
  5. Engagement underpins all our work: Throughout the conference, we are inviting participants to tell us their stories of who, where and how they engage by pinning stories on our Engagement Matters map, sharing stories via social media, or even face to face.
  6. Day One - Participants join the conference from across the globe to consider the 'new' resource politics, and ask questions about what it means for different people and places.
  7. Resource Politics conference
    Resource Politics conference
  8. Lyla Mehta opens the day by chairing the first plenary session on 'planetary boundaries and the politics of resources'