MAKESHIFT: Shifting Thoughts on Fashion, Craft, and DIY

During New York Design Week, Alabama Chanin organized a series of talks, workshops, and gatherings with leaders in the fashion, design,and craft/DIY communities. The goal was to explore, discuss, and celebrate the role of local production, handmade, and craft/DIY in fashion and design.

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  1. an introduction from Natalie Chanin, founder of Alabama Chanin:
  2. “Craft” might seem like it’s for the amateurs, and “fashion” for the auteurs. Yet we live in an age where creativity and innovation are increasingly found in collaborations between makers and users, crafters and designers, designers and manufacturers, and in the loosening of the boundaries between them. Open sourcing and the emergence of DIY everything (from apps to dresses to education) are THE design stories of the 21st century. If the philosophers and economists are right, such stories reflect renewed possibilities for building communities, for growing businesses, and for practicing everyday forms of enchantment, ethics, and sustainability. It is time to expand our way of thinking about the relationship between craft and fashion, between the self-made and the ready-to-wear, between fashion as intellectual property and fashion as an open source. What can we learn from the fields of music, product design, and education? Does a backward glance help us see how fashion was at the forefront of these innovations from the start? What is a Vogue pattern if not an open source? What are les petits mains other than artists?
  3. the schedule:
  4. the first event
    Talk by Roseanne Cash, Natalie Chanin, Catherine Bailey, Maria Cornejo, Jessamyn Hatcher & Andrew Wagner
    The Standard, East Village
  6. the moderator: andrew wagner [DIY design editor, columnist, director - krrb]
  7. speaker: rosanne cash [singer/songwriter]
  8. speaker: cathy bailey [heath ceramics]