High intensity interval training Twitter chat

A discussion about HIIT

  1. Hi folks. Welcome to this weeks chat on high intensity interval exercise. Is HIIT beneficial or fitness marketing? Discuss #ssjournalclub
  2. @SSjournalclub evidence to suggest HIIT is effective way to improve cardiorespiratory/metabolic function in sport & health #ssjournalclub
  3. Another Q: @jfneve which duration gives the most benefits for hiit speed improvement 30 sec, or 4 minutes? #ssjournalclub
  4. @SSjournalclub @jfneve that depends on a number of variables: what energy system you want to train, the work to rest ratios #ssjournalclub
  5. @jfneve @SSjournalclub depends on central or peripheral adaptations: central = < 2mins, peripheral = >2 to 4 mins #ssjournalclub
  6. @SSjournalclub just to throw it out there, if you havent already done so, you must read @mart1buch research on HIIT #ssjournalclub
  7. @SSjournalclub @jfneve can't remember exact references (can post later) but try Laursen et al 2005 & Denadai et al, 2006 #ssjournalclub
  8. Next Q from @SaulCuttell Are there any implications of HIIT on elderly participants? #ssjournalclub
  9. @SSjournalclub time @ VO2max is important. May not be achieved during first <2 min interval - can be improved with warm-up #ssjournalclub
  10. Question from @Josh_Jackman_ What are some examples of HIIT protocols for team sports players? #ssjournalclub
  11. @SSjournalclub @Josh_Jackman_ #ssjournalclub the options are endless. If you're using gym equipment, you could measure your MAS
  12. @SSjournalclub @Josh_Jackman_ #ssjournalclub I like playing around with work:rest ratios depending on what energy system I'm targeting
  13. @SSjournalclub I've used 4x4 progressing to 6x4 at 100% VO2peak in 5 week intervention = improvement in VO2peak, RE & LT #ssjournalclub
  14. @SSjournalclub Is greater benefit in passive recovery to enable higher quality work periods, or should recovery be active? #ssjournalclub
  15. @SSjournalclub The rest period should avoid fatiguing the athlete further so I normally keep it low intensity/passive #ssjournalclub
  16. @SSjournalclub however, the more oxidative you make the workout, the more active the recovery can be #ssjournalclub
  17. @SSjournalclub in my experience, active recovery during HIIT is difficult for most athletes - passive seems decrease RPE #ssjournalclub
  18. @MarkCuds01: allows athletes 2work at prescribed intensities in set time periods. MAS, 30:15 etc caters 4diff fitness levels #ssjournalclub
  19. @SSjournalclub: Fill in the gap: High intensity interval training is_____ #ssjournalclub” very sweaty. speaking from experience!
  20. Higher muscle reoxygenation and peak power values w/ passive recov during intermittent sprint cycling  http://1.usa.gov/1d6jetT  #ssjournalclub
  21. Q from @BakalaAc_eng: What are the thoughts about performing HIT at altitude? @HarveyGalvin can you help with this one? #ssjournalclub
  22. HIIT at altitude"@HarveyGalvin: Seems to improve anaerobic quals in endurance athletes and aerobic in rep sprint athletes" #ssjournalclub
  23. @HarveyGalvin @SSjournalclub Yes. Same relative load for lower absolute load (hyp vs. nor). Perfect for injured athletes. #ssjournalclub
  24. @SSjournalclub: Fill in the gap: High intensity interval training is_____ #ssjournalclub” 10x more fun than LSD training!