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PAssport to Independent Living

A collection of 14 inspirational stories from Personal Assistants from across Scotland


  1. The PAssport to Independt Living Book was recently published by Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living in partnership with The Personal Assistant Network Scotland and The SSSC SDS and Integration Team. You can access this resource and many others realted to Self-Directed Support by clicking on the GCiL link below.
  2. There were lots of organisations involved in bringing all the stories together and enabling the Personal Assistants and their Employers to share their experiences. It truly was a co-produced book.
  3. People were excited to share their experience of both being a Personal Assistant and how employing Personal Assistants had transformed their lives
  4. As the stories started to come together the excitement started to build about the launch and the potential for the book to show how invaluable Personal Assistants are to their changingly so!
  5. On the 31st october 2017 the book was finally ready to be launched....