What we learned from Sree at #EIJ12

Sree Sreenivasan opened the Excellence in Journalism conference Thursday, Sept. 20 with a super session on digital journalism and social media. The conference, co-hosted by SPJ and the Radio Television Digital News Association, runs from Sept. 20 to 22 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


  1. In the 1 1/2-hour session, 605 tweets mentioned @sree and #EIJ12, the official hashtag of the conference. Speaking of hashtags, let's start with Sree's recommendations on those:
  2. Hashtags-Make the shortest possible, unique hashtag. -You have to be obnoxious about it-Use the service "Hashtracking" for gauging your reach
  3. Sourcing"Ask your sources if they're on Twitter, how to connect." —Sree-Follow your sources closely. He mentioned the Anthony Weiner scandal that unfolded on Twitter, which could have been broken much earlier. "Weiner gave journalists a gift that they didn't take."
  4. -Use the service "Rapportive" to easily keep track of sources' Internet movements
  5. Effective communication"We should be listening more on social media. It's the reaction to the mistakes you make that are important." —Sree-Spend time on your messaging. 
  6. Ethics"The rules of journalism haven't changed. You have to be extra careful." —Sree
  7. Networking-Sort people into groups on Facebook-Use LinkedIn. Sree says it is vastly underused by journalists.-Dedicate time to building your network. By the time your company starts downsizing, it is too late to figure out LinkedIn.-The recommendations you give reflect on you. Provide them selectively.-When connecting with someone, always add a personal note, perhaps indicating why you want to connect (hint: Go beyond the stock message of wanting to add someone to your professional network).
  8. Marketing your work-Use Facebook Timeline and cover photo to tell the story of your career and specialties-Know your reach and influence"Any influence I have in social media is because of the people who are following me and the people who are following them." —Sree-He recommends "Twiangulate" and "Muckrack"