Ted Scripps Leadership Institute | Denver 2013

On June 14-16, six facilitators brought the Ted Scripps Leadership Institute to Denver, Colo. They spent three days educating leaders of SPJ professional and campus chapters about how to effectively carry out their mission. The following social media messages tell the story of #SPJScripps.

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  1. Ted Scripps Leadership Institute | Denver 2013
  2. Both participants and facilitators enjoyed engaging with the conversation about #SPJScripps on social media.
  3. Participants broke the ice by practicing one of their journalistic skills — interviewing.
  4. #SPJScripps participants get to know each other by doing what they do best: interviewing.
  5. The first group activity was a brainstorming session to nail down the qualities of a journalist and of a leader. That's what all of the participants are, after all.
  6. But then the participants got out of their chairs to go head-to-head in Flip the Tarp. The group was split up into two teams and given a challenge: all team members must stand on top of a tarp and flip it over without anyone stepping off.
  7. At night, we discussed SPJ over dinner and bonded through card games.
  8. #SPJ president-elect Dave Cuillier shares goals for journalism community connections, advocacy, ethics #spjscripps
  9. The next morning, SPJ Executive Director Joe Skeel explained to participants that they can't effectively lead until they understand how to interact with other types of leaders.