Journalists on Election Day

In the four years since the last presidential election, digital journalism has sprouted in different directions, allowing reporters to not only distribute their work in more ways but to create personal brands within their identity as journalists. Election Day 2012 demonstrated this growth.

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  1. In an effort to document the different ways journalists and media organizations covered the election, SPJ kept tabs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and RSS feeds. Content came in many forms, and it's an interesting collection: Resources for journalists and voters, updates (humorous and informative) from the field, traditional election coverage, and fun finds on the Internet. (Everything is organized into one of four sections with the most recent entries at the top of their categories -- resources and tips, status updates, election coverage and just for fun). Enjoy.
  2. Resources and tips

  3. Glued to the state-by-state election results? Here's an AP interactive map on the NPR website that has everything you'll need.
  4. Bored? You can check out all kinds of election coverage from Hulu. They're also streaming results coverage tonight.