Discussing SPJ's potential name change

On August 30, media blogger Jim Romenesko wrote about a resolution proposing a name change of the Society of Professional Journalists to the "Society for Professional Journalism."


  1. Discussion began at the organization's Closing Business Session at the Excellence in Journalism 2013 conference.
  2. The resolution, available to read at EIJ News, did not pass.
  3. But as stated in Romenesko's story, SPJ President Dave Cuillier is creating a task force to look into the suggestion further and provide recommendations.
  4. And the discussion has already unfolded on Twitter, with some supporters, some nay-sayers and others just trying to participate in a healthy discussion.
  5. Region 3 Director Michael Koretzky, who proposed the resolution, wrote a blog post explaining why he believes the name of the organization should change.