Using data as a policy maker

The Southern Policy Centre and ODI Hampshire came together with Open Data Aha! and KnowNow Information to build a discussion event on the use of data in public policy making. Hampshire Hub, the data store for our area, hosted the event.


  1. Our organisations came together because we know that open data can be used to improve public policy making. But it has to be made more accessible, and public policy makers and decision makers need to know how it can be useful to them, on a practical level.
  2. As our Chair, John Denham said:
  3. The event included political buy-in:
  4. Fantastic speakers:
  5. Powerful examples:
  6. Big questions and important lessons:
  7. followed by table discussion and feedback:
  8. Much more detail, summarised by Mark Braggins at Open Data Aha!:
  9. Slides and helpful links from the event here: