Introduction to Multimedia Journalism

The demand of information is limitless, but how will you feed this media consumption and gain a place in the digital world by creating new and unique content, providing information that attracts YOUR readers and giving YOUR audience something they didn’t know before. Jennifer Sizemore,


  1. Journalism is acquiring, editing, processing and distributing news.

  2. Jerry Seinfeld: It is amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.
    It was a funny statement once, but now it is just irrelevant.
  3. Storytelling is still the same, but with multimedia, you don't have to pick just one way to tell the story.

  4. When you report a story for print -- using a reporter's notebook to write down information from interviews or what you see or hear -- what you gather is useful only for print. When you report a story for television -- using a video camera to shoot only interviews or events that will be visual elements in a clip -- what you gather is useful only for television.

    But when you report a story for the Web -- using a video camera to shoot interviews or events, as well as using it to grab still pictures, record audio and collect information that can be used in text or graphics -- what you gather can be used to produce a multimedia story, a television story, a print story or a radio story.
  5. Tools of the trade are changing, instead of typewriters and presses, we have digital cameras, audio recorders, computers...
  6. or just a mobile smartphone...
  7. Bottom Line: Journalism is still about telling the story.

  8. Brian Storm - 'Discusses Storytelling and Journalism'
  9. A simple definition of multimedia journalism: “the integration of text, images, sound, video, and graphics to tell a journalistic story.”

  10. We will learn various multimedia methods in this class to tell the story.

  11. Blogging..

  12. Website...

  13. Audio...

  14. Audio Soundslide...

  15. Brady Lem at the Bro Down Show Down