3 Day Novel Contest Writing Marathon 2017

S.M. Beiko's progress writing 25k words/100 pages in 3 days!


  1. Sophie helped right from the get go. This is us 'round Midnight local time on Friday. If it wasn't for her getting me out of the house on walks I would have probably died.
  2. And so Day 1 officially commenced! Got a jumpstart the night before at least.
  3. ...it quickly got soul crushing. I did NOT stop at 4 PM. My discipline is lacking.
  4. Everyone had their struggles!!
  5. AND I AM.
  6. Huh I wonder if this painting has anything to do with my books at all, no, no, the fox mask is a coincedence.
  7. Day 2. THE LONG SLOG.
  8. I got up super early on Day 2 to do a boxing workout to try and just get out of the house/my head. It was VERY HARD AND PAINFUL.
  9. I DID take a lot of breaks, and it actually helped me reach 19k instead!
  10. You can tell I started, uh, floundering at about this mark on day 2