Super Bowl XLVIII Live Storify

Join us Sunday during Super Bowl XLVIII for live coverage of the the biggest game of the year between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. (Follow our photographers/writers on Instagram with #SIatSB48)


  1. Aaaaand, the Seahawks score again. Russell Wilson hits Doug Baldwin, and it's 43-8 with 11:45 left.

  2. So, the Broncos get another record this season, and like the others it's meaningless in the long run.
  3. Well, we've got Denver points! Demaryius Thomas caught a 14-yard ball from Peyton Manning, and Wes Welker picks up the 2-point conversion. It's now 36-8 Seahawks. Broncos fans cheered the score, but I have no idea why.

  4. Jermaine Kearse scores to put the Seahawks up 36-0. Because it's a blowout, here's the first story that comes up when you Google Jermaine Kearse:
  5. Demaryius Thomas fumbles, the Broncos third turnover of the game. Seahawks up 29-0 with the ball.
  6. Marshawn Lynch breaks out for an 18-yd run on first down. The Seahawks fans wanted BeastMode badly
  7. Broncos punting with 10:38 left in the third ... down 29-0. Twitter doesn't approve.
  8. Richard Sherman went down for a bit, with 12:51 remaining in third, but he's up and running now.
  9. Eric Decker makes his first catch of the game as Broncos pick up a 1st down. He's reportedly going to test free agency. His stock has taken a big hit this game.