Emily Tracey

NYU. Cinema Studies. 2015. Enthusiastic, nerdy, and sometimes funny. Currently obsessed with Paul Newman, Chris Evans, and M*A*S*H.

Gretchen Walsh

10TV's Morning News Executive Producer. OSU Alum. Hilliard Living. Ironton Native. Boy Mom. Former tomboy who now loves all things pink.

Aron Early

Teaching research & info lit, former sci teacher, love to curate. musical scavenger, baseball fanatic, anthropology guy, explorer #MIEExpert15

m. stilin spolar

Only endorses Pittsburgh sports teams

Panuruj Sakdiset

Nowhere Man

Bipolar writer from the outskirts of Philly. Featured in @dondivamagazine, @EBONYMag and @ComplexMag. Let's be friends! Buy my book: http://t.co/6EIb92woht.

Robert Pragai

PMO Manager. Turning ideas to reality, discovering people's stories and finding my voice in this world! 'What's in the way, is the way' #PMOT #AGILE

Fleet Feet Elmhurst

We believe everyone has their own personal fit. Our passion is to discover that fit and inspire you to achieve your fitness goals. Est. 2005 #RunELM

Yvonne Marie

Medical Coordinator, environmental scientist, american heart association advocate, virtual assistant, rescue dog momma, and blogger.

Alex Nieves

LANG sports intern | Sports Journalism Institute '2015 | Former @NBCNightlyNews and @PittsbughPG | Track & Field enthusiast | Occidental College '15

[ Charles Boiry ]

Communication / Événementiel / Futur néo #CM - Formation #IMCI #Sports, #Lifestyle, #nouvelletechno

Mundo Deportivo

Seleccionamos las noticias más relevantes del Barça y del mundo del deporte para ti. Para seguir todas las noticias www.twitter.com/mundodeportivo o www.facebook.com/MundoDeportivo.com

Stéphane Berney

This is how i feel about your opinion https://t.co/sjNflADX9o . Retweets may or may not be endorsements. You figure it out.

Edwin Hojnacki

#Realtor w/ Baird & Warner a Father a #coffee drinker a #Diabetic a coach a bow tie wearing #chucktaylors #lacrosse guy.