2014 UEFA Champions League Final live blog

Images, videos, and GIFs from the 2014 UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid.


  1. Well, that escalated quickly. Real Madrid scored three goals in extra time, including a penalty kick from Cristiano Ronaldo to close out Atlético Madrid 4-1 in the Champions League final. Thanks for watching with us! Re-live the action below.
  2. And Cristiano Ronaldo caps it off with a penalty kick and wild celebration:
  3. GOAL REAL MADRID: Marcelo makes it 3-1
  4. GOAL REAL MADRID -- Gareth Bale makes it 2-1:
  5. Iker Casillas is a happy man.
  6. GOAL REAL MADRID!!! Sergio Ramos ties things at 1-1 in stoppage time with this magnificent header. To extra time we go!
  7. Your Xabi Alonso update...
  8. We're with you, Syndey...
  9. Both stadiums in Madrid are packed watching this game:
  10. Reaction to Atlético's goal. They're happy, no?
  11. Here's the German national team watching the Champions League final. Their view is better than yours.
  12. Ronaldo came oh-so-close on this freekick in the 54th minute...
  13. Remember Gareth Bale's miss in the first half? Yeah...Xabi Alonso (suspended) didn't dig it.