World Water Week 2014 - Energy and Water: Highlights

We are closing the books on a hugely successful #wwweek in Stockholm, where we welcomed over 3,000 participants from more than 140 countries, and more than 200 organisations collaborated on over 100 events. Follow @siwi_water for updates on next year's event.


  1. Over the next 30 years, food and energy demands are expected to increase dramatically. We will however, depend on the same finite and vulnerable water resources for sustaining life, economic growth and our environment as we do today.
  2. "With increased income levels in many countries, a growing world population, and intensified competition for our finite water resources, it has become ever more urgent to understand the links between energy and water so that we can fully develop synergies, strengthen much needed partnerships, and develop smarter solutions for using water more efficiently in the future.
  3. The results of our work will have consequences for all humanity.With this we strongly feel that 2014 World Water Week managed to take a few steps in the right direction." (SIWI Executive Director, Torgny Holmgren)
  4. Looking back:
  5. A "smorgasbord" of events (Swedish pun intended!) took place during the Week. We filmed as many as we could for you to enjoy live, or watch later (on the SIWI Media Hub), and uploaded presentations.
  6. The #MakeWaterThePriority Stockholm Statement videos reached over 220,000 people around the world!
  7. Twitter Q&A’s, live chats, films, live-streaming of seminars and social media updates all helped to drive discussions around important topics and increase participation in events.
  8. We weren't just online though. There was an exhibition and report launches..
  9. Discussions around the future scope of our new UNESCO II International Centre for Water Cooperation.
  10. Then there was the great Professor John Briscoe - this year's Stockholm Water Prize Laureate. A native of South Africa, his unparalleled contributions to global and local water management, inspired by an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of people on the ground earned him this year's award.
  11. He certainly left a lasting and inspiring impression -
  12. especially on the young professionals..