A tweetchat that covers topics relating to and challenges faced by social media and community managers.


  1. #SproutChat is hosted weekdays at 2 pm and is hosted by @sprout_sarah, community outreach manager of Sprout Social.
  2. I introduced myself and talked to some other people participating in the chat. Everyone was really nice and a few people welcomed me!
  3. The first question jumped right into this week's topic, How to Grow Your Business. Though I don't have my own business, I was excited to hear from people who have built their own businesses from the ground up.
  4. Everyone gave insightful answers dealing with adaptation, social media and experience. I answered with something that I think is important for any new venture: teamwork!
  5. The second question threw me for a loop: I knew the topic of the chat was growth, but I didn't have an answer for how to prepare for business growth off the top of my head, so I googled it!
  6. After conducting my impromptu google search and skimming everyone else's answers, I finally settled on an answer - a mantra often repeated in the world of PR: have a plan and stick to it.
  7. I didn't immediately have an answer for question 3 either, but then I thought about it and realized something (seemingly) obvious: your company isn't growing!