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Seven sexy secrets of successful campaigns!

On May 13th Cheryl Contee, CEO of Fission Strategy and Co-Founder of, talk about successful campaigns and how to stop integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) and integrate your people.


  1. For those that were there and want the links mentioned in the introduction, please check out the intro slide deck below.
  2. Our speaker: Cheryl Contee
  3. Cheryl went over 7 sexy secrets to help you execute a successful campaign!
  4. 1) Be funny
    2) Use faces
    3) Target
    4) Tap pop culture
    5) Have a heart
    6) Tell a story
    7) Stop integrating your CRM

    If you want to review her slide deck, it's linked below.
  5. Ways to contact Cheryl if you have questions for her:
  6. If you were there and want to review it again or if you missed the event, here is Cheryl's presentation.
  7. Thanks to our sponsors for tonight's event: TechSoup, NTEN, Rolling Out Cafe, and General Assembly!