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Presenting Sarah Potts from Not For Sale - SF Online Community MeetUp & SF Tech4Good

If you missed our April 30th event: SF Online Community MeetUp & SF Tech4Good; presenting Sarah Potts Not For Sale, you can get up to date here!

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  1. You can find the event page below and a video of Sarah's presentation at the end, so read to the end.
  2. If you don't know about Not For Sale (NFS)...
  3. Sarah drives the storytelling, community management and impact reporting for NFS.
  4. During the event she talked about how to use platform specific strategies to engage the audience you have, and get the audience you want. However, first she talked about the NFS goal and mission to create a world where no one is for sale.
  5. To effect change you have to raise awareness.
  6. Once awareness is raised the goal is to empower individuals to raise the profile of their offline community.
  7. Content, engagement, and community are the three pillars of community according to Sarah.
  8. She also talked about the emotional drive behind why people engage with community: because they care and feel supported by the community.
  9. However, what NFS found was engaging in person made them feel great but it really didn't have much impact. To that end, they changed their strategy and shifted the focus to online community.
  10. Then she covered some tips for getting online engagement:
  11. She also warned against relying too much on what experts have to say vs. analyzing the data from your social interactions. Basically, rely on and follow what the data is telling you about your social network.  Experts don't have that information.