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Social media says goodbye to Twinkies

Here are 10 posts that celebrate the cheery decadence of an American institution.


  1. Hostess, the maker of Wonder bread and Twinkies, said today it will shut down and liquidate after a strike by members of its bakery workers’ union “crippled” company’s operations. The loss of many of the companies more than 18,000 jobs is no joke. But social media is also mourning the Twinkie - a favorite icon of unhealthy American lifestyle. 
  2. 10. A day that will live in infamy

  3. 9. Remembering Twinkies in history

  4. 8. Arrrgh... they got me.

  5. 7. "Zombieland" action GIF!

  6. 6. A good 82-year (82 years!) ride.

  7. 5. Snif! Shelf life is no guarantee

  8. 4. Twinkies no more are, Yoda

  9. 3. In better days.

  10. 2. There, there.

  11. 1. This was us.

  12. BONUS baker's dozen - Already on eBay!