10 best memes of Election Night

Culled from the internet.

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  1. Best memes from an Election Night that played out on social media. 
  2. 10. The write-in of the season. 

  3. 9. Cats voting: The historical aspect. 

  4. 8. Tweeted by artist who did "Mama Said Knock You Out"

  5. 6. That's it: I'm outta here. 

  6. Went for a run in the rain and now going to vote! Thought this was hilarious!
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  7. 5. Hammer time!

  8. ELECTION SPECIAL: Barack Obama Singing Can't Touch This by MC Hammer
  9. 5. Wolf Blitzer's Real-Time Election Beard

  10. 4. Sure, sure, re-elected - IS THAT A FLAG IN HER HEAD? 

  11. 3. Katy Perry, her grandma, and POTUS.

  12. 2. This GIF is all over Twitter. 

  13. And the No. 1 meme of Election Night...

  14. 1. Dude. Way to vote. 

  15. And, as a bonus, the single most ironic tweet in election history: