Personal Training in Traverse City MI

Hiring a Personal Trainer


  1. When I was 22 years old I had just graduated from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids MI.  I was 21 at the time of graduation and was just getting out of the whole I have to drink 10 beers at every party phase.  With the phase of life of drinking lots of beer, came eating late night pizza and other bad things to eat as well.  

    After graduation I decided that I wanted to be healthier and start lifting weights.  I was moved back to Traverse City, where I was working out with my dad.  He was lifting at Fit For You, so that is where I decided to go.  He had taught me some of the things that he had learned but I wanted to learn more and wanted to learn the right way.  So I decided to Look around and see where the best personal training in Traverse City was. 

    I checked out a few gyms and luckily I found a great trainer right at Fit For You.  He was fantastic I loved working out with him so much that we became good friends and would hang out often.  Eventually I was inspired enough by my transformation that I decided to try doing a body building contest.  

    This was 5 months into starting to lift weights for the first time.  In retrospect not the best timing, but I had a lot of fun and got in amazing shape.  I had a ripped 6 pack and crazy leg definition.  I owed it all to the guys at Fit For You with setting me up with a great personal trainer and with helping me with my diet as well.  

    If I ever do another one again- probably won't, but I have a buddy who is a Natural Pro body builder and he works out there as well.  I would probably start lifting with him and get as much info as I could from him.  

    Still like drinking beer, but now its usually a max of 3 as I have to work and have two kids and a wife now.  Still enjoy lifting and hope you do too!