#ISBA10 Unlocking the Potential of Short Breaks

Telling the story of the 10th International Short Breaks Association conference in Edinburgh, Scotland (12-15 September 2016)... #ISBA10 was a celebration of the vital role that short breaks (respite care) play in promoting health and wellbeing, and in strengthening carers and families.


  1. Introducing ISBA

  2. The International Short Break Association (ISBA) was established in 1995 and is a world-wide ‘community’ concerned with the effective delivery of short breaks (respite care) services. 300 delegates from 17 different countries came together at #ISBA10 to inspire, explore opportunities, challenge one another and strengthen international friendships. It was a hugely diverse gathering, full of joy and laughter - and a few tears...
  3. Monday 12 Sept: final preparations, early registration & pre-conference visits

  4. The Shared Care Scotland team were busy bees, working with Petta from @S2Fevent, to get everything ready. Time for a well-earned cuppa...
  5. And then registration began! So great to welcome friends from across the world. Some of our delegates took part in study visits to local short breaks projects and services too.
  6. Monday 12 Sept: Civic reception at Edinburgh City Chambers

  7. #ISBA10 was officially declared open at a drinks reception at the stunning Edinburgh City Chambers, hosted by Councillor Norman Work, Edinburgh Council's Carers Champion.