Q&A Day on #SCCrowd 1/21/14


  1. Wow! This Q&A Day on #SCCrowd was such a success, with questions even showing up the night before!  Since there were over 40 questions tweeted to #SCCrowd yesterday, many of which had extended conversations connected to them, I've prepared this custom timeline to catalog all of those questions. Click a tweet to see all of the replies. Chances are, you may want to know the answers to some of these questions.  And if you have any further answers or thoughts to what you see (especially for questions that didn't get any answers), please feel free to continue the discussion!

    (Since this is the first time trying a custom timeline of questions, your feedback is welcomed! Tweet to @rawolfson or @SCCrowd and share what you think!)
  2. And now on to the Q&A Day Live Chat!