Day 3 of the SAIC Exchange 2017

The final day of the Safe & Inclusive Cities Exchange held in Nairobi, Kenya comprised talk shows and roundtables, covering topics including: informal settlements, community bonds, donor priorities and exclusion. The conference presenting SAIC research was organised by IDRC, DFID and ALC.

  1. The first session of the day explored informal settlements in East Africa. Wangui Kimari, Darshini Mahadevia and Humphrey Otieno drew together their perspectives on what the solutions to informal settlements should be.
  2. The second session of the day discussed social cohesion from a southern perspective, rethinking northern theories and showing that the assumed negative correlation between social cohesion and violence is not present in cities across the global south. Instead social cohesion has a dual nature and ambiguity, which can be instantiated in both violence and strong community support.
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