GES Berlin Field Class 2016

29 human geographers descended on the storied German city of Berlin in April for an adventurous, urban field class. . .


  1. Located at the cultural and historical centre of Europe for long time, Berlin proved to be an amazing location for a field class. Students studied the Cold War history through a city-wide ‘Berlin Wall’ tour and explored the city’s museums to think through the social production of history. We then explored some of the contested neighbourhood spaces of Berlin through the lens of graffiti and public art, which are a feature of almost every wall in the city; students got to even create their own spray-paint stencil and learn about how these are made. Berlin plays home to very strong green and alternative economic sectors and movements and so we also learned a great deal about the ‘transition’ movement and how this is working not only for grassroots, radical change but how it is also changing the face of urban space in Berlin. It was a great trip with a super time had by all!