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My trips in 2011

Timeline of last year travel, it is not as much about places, as it is about people.


  1. Antonis Petropoulos
    Antonis Petropoulos
  2. January in Athens. Great day guided through ancient and modern parts of the town by Antonis Petropolus  of 
  3. European Ecotourism Network
    European Ecotourism Network
  4. ECOLNET project kick-off meeting in Athens. Folks from Greece, Finland, Netherlands, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Hungary
  5. Herbert Hamele of ECOTRANS
  6. Ruins of a temple in Athens
  7. January. Lisboa. Portugal.
  8. NATUR project kick-off meeting with partners from Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, Estonia.
  9. February. Snowshoing in Soomaa National Park.
  10. April. EDEN network meeting in Mellieha. Malta.
  11. EDEN girls with Robert of Mellieha.
  12. Presenting my research findings about How visitors to Estonian national parks use internet
  13. Valere Aivar Justin
    Valere Aivar Justin
  14. Meeting Valere Tjolle  and Justin Francis.
  15. April. Flood - the Fifth Season of Soomaa National Park