The Making of Sherlock Series 4 (Part 8)


  1. Previously: Part 7 (Episode 2 Cardiff University Students Union and Dragon Studios)
  2. Sunday May 22 Amanda's back to Wales
  3. Monday 23rd Early call
  4. Ummm...
  5. Perhaps a day on the 221b set?
  6. Tuesday 24th While Rachel's in the edit on episode 1....
  7. ... I'm hunting for #setlock clues for episode 2 ... what's occurring in Miskin?
  8. Bingo!
  9. Loc 1 may have been the Miskin Manor Hotel which they used as part of the reception venue and Mycroft's home in The Sign of Three. Does this photo provide a clue?
  10. cupidford: welovethebeekeeper: constan...
    cupidford: welovethebeekeeper: constan...
  11. Not the most taxing of days for Amanda ...