The Making of Sherlock Series 4 (Part 16)


  1. Previous: Part 15 (last day of the London shoot for episodes 1 and 2)
  2. Friday 17th: Guest star of episode 1 is discovered by ... well, me
  3. (although to be fair I was checking his cv because he'd been spotted in Cardiff early on during the ep 1 shoot/readthrough)
  4. AJ's an interesting name
  5. Sunday 19th Interesting snippets of information about the house they shot in in Miskin
  6. No idea how an MI6 agent fits in with anything we've seen filmed for episode 2 but a fact's a fact
  7. Interview with Benjamin Caron which refers to 4.3 as "the last" episode of Sherlock. Last of series 4 rather than last ever I hope!
  8. A casting call notice confirms that episode 4 starts filming on Monday 27th. Episode 3 features a young Sherlock
  9. Thursday: brief musical interlude