The Making of Sherlock Series 4 (Part 15)

Kennington and Riverside House again


  1. 16 June Clear blue skies in Wales
  2. It's greyer in London and we know they're just doing night shoots don't we suddenly we get a filming report from south of the river
  3. Well it certainly looks like Sherlock and OH LOOK IT DEFINITELY IS
  4. Just as I was about to idly wonder aloud if the stripy skirt was the sort of thing you might pick up in a souk in Marrakesh we got this picture showing Rachel Talalay directing. So more late episode 1 pick ups then?
  5. That bus looks familiar! (see part 11)
  6. Perhas the reason for the late shooting of the scene is tht the bus stop has a large advert for Culverton Smith in someething called Business Killer