The Making of Sherlock Series 4 (Part 13)

Night shoot 14-15 June


  1. Previously: Part 12 (Readthrough and Gordon Square)
  2. As regular readers will know, I'm not a great one for actually going into the field myself
  3. But for the next two nights I found myself at the Ground Zero of setlocking
  4. 14 June: I happen across some evidence of filming on the South Bank - there was no particular reason to connect it to Sherlock
  5. Preview over, I went back to check but
  6. Then some kind soul tweeted this to me (it had moved on by the time I was there)
  7. Setlock confirmed tonight at Jubilee Gar...
    Setlock confirmed tonight at Jubilee Gar...
  8. And a friend in the area texted me this
  9. So I went on a hunt
  10. I also spotted Neville Kidd
  11. The location for the night was a footbridge running along the western side of Hungerford Bridge