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#Rutgers2018 Packing Tips

We asked our @RutgersU social media followers about the must-have item they couldn't live without during their first year at #Rutgers. Some may seem like common sense, others not so much. Happy packing, Class of 2018!


  1. Cough and cold medicine. The first time I was sick and didn't have mom to take care of me was when I really knew I wasn't a kid anymore.
  2. 3 inch memory foam mattress topper. Invest freshman.
  3. Circular shower caddy. It had pockets surrounding it and you can put anything from brushes to lotions inside #RU2017
  4. My teddy bear. Having him there kept me sane.
  5. A planner!!!! It's very easy to lose track of your assignments and become very overwhelmed. A planner helps so much when it comes to remembering due dates and staying organized! Good luck Class of 2018! Your years at Rutgers will be a great experience!
  6. Dry erase board to put by my desk to keep myself organized
  7. A map. Rutgers NB is too huge.
  8. #Rutgers2018 The iPhone 4S or any smartphone allows you to download the Rutgers App which told you when the next bus was coming. This allows you to stay in your own dorm until the bus is about to arrive. It saves time and energy.
  9. In my day it was the stone tablets for note taking. Seriously, maximize the use of your smartphone. Set up your calendar with the times for each of your classes and when you are going to study. Use your Contacts to plug in every professor and TA you have for your classes (friends and fellow students too!). DL for everything RU. The best course you never register for at Rutgers is "time management".
  10. My cell phone and laptop charger.
  11. External hard drive. Back up everything! I've seen too many people lose all their hard work.