This Is How Dangerous It Is To Report On The EuroMaidan Protests

Internews Ukraine's Eastern Partnership Media Watch project released a report today highlighting some of the challenges journalists have faced covering the EuroMaidan protests. Five of those points deal with physical abuse and intimidation. The analysis is based on activity between January 20-26.

  1. 1. Journalists are being targeted by police. Some say they have been shot at, according to the report. At least 60 reporters have been injured while reporting on EuroMaidan. For a list of names, click here
  2. There are videos circulating around the web of law enforcement officers training their guns on camera men and women and firing what some say are robber bullets.
  3. Міліціонер стріляв в оператора "5 каналу"
  4. Natalka Pisnya, a journalist at 1+1 TV channel, says she was injured in her leg by such a bullet while covering the protests.
  5. "Беркут" стріляв у журналіста "1+1"
  6. Dmytro Dvoychenkov, with Espreso online TV, says he was kidnapped and beaten by police on Jan. 22 but released the same day, according to the Kyiv Post.
  7. The attack that drew the most media attention was that of Tetyana Chernovil, a journalist known for her investigations into government corruption. As she was driving home in December, her car was cornered by a sports utility vehicle. Chernovil, 34, tried to flee but was beaten by several men.
  8. She sustained a concussion, as well as fractures to her nose and face, according to her husband. It is believed that Chernovil was targeted because of her reporting. The men who attacked her have not been identified. Get more details on her attack here.
  9. 2. Many journalists have been charged with crimes, reportedly because of their coverage of the protests.
  10. 3. It has gotten so tense for some journalists that several have reportedly fled Ukraine.
  11. 4. There report says police consider journalists "their enemies." Olga Shatnaya (pictured left), a journalist with, told Eastern Partnership Media Freedom Watch, "When you are filming #Berkut directly, they either beat you up or shoot at you. Our orange vest is like a red flag to a bull."
  12. 5. A few reporters have left government-leaning TV stations.
  13. Vitaliy Zakharchenko, Ukraine’s Interior Minister, is rumored to be associated with 112. EuroMaidan protesters have called for his ouster, as they believe he is orchestrating many of the attacks against journalists and protesters.
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