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4 Tips to Keep Your Hair from Tangling


  1. Women with long hair usually face the problem of tangled hair. No matter how much you juggle between oil-based and oil-free hair products, tangling can be a recurring problem, if you don’t know how to select and use the right products. In addition to applying the right hair care products, there are many hair care tips that can prevent tangling. If you too are facing the problem, the post lists four tips to keep your hair manageable and tangle-free. Take a look.
  2. 1. Condition Your Hair

  3. Conditioning is a must, no matter the time. Conditioning restores moisture content in your hair follicle, and prevents them from tangling. Choose a conditioner that suits your hair type. For example Macadamia Professional’s Ultra Rich Moisturizing Conditioner is ideal for coarser to coiled hair textures. Leave conditioner for at least 30 seconds before washing your hair.
  4. 2. Use a Hair Brush With Wider Bristles

  5. Combing your hair is essential to prevent them from tangling. Choose a comb that has wider teeth or use a specially designed detangling hair brush. Start combing from hair end, and slowly work your way up to the roots. In addition, combing your hair before taking a shower and before going to bed also keeps them tangle-free.
  6. 3. Loosely Braid your Hair Before Sleeping

  7. Long, coarse, and curly hair, usually get tangled up while asleep. If you take shower before going to bed, it is advisable to completely dry your hair and comb them before sleeping. Avoid using an elastic band to tie up your hair, instead put them together in a loose braid. In addition, use a silk or satin pillowcase, which will keep your hair tangle-free in the morning.
  8. 4. Avoid Alcohol-based Hair Care Products

  9. Choosing the right hair product that compliments your hair type is essential in maintaining healthier and tangle-free hair strands. Many women do not pay much attention to the formula or chemical composition of their hair care products, most of which are alcohol-based. Alcohol-based hair care products completely dry your hair, which in turn results in tangled hair. You must, therefore, choose between alcohol free oil-based or oil-free hair products that nourish your scalp and keep your hair tangle-free.
  10. Wrapping Up

  11. While it is relatively easy to maintain shorter hair, maintaining long hair, on daily basis, is a challenge. Tips discussed in the post are sure to help you prevent your hair from tangling. In addition, it is recommended to detangle your hair, one section at a time and never comb wet hair as they are more likely to break than dry hair. If you have more hair detangling tips and tricks to add to the list, feel free to share in the comments.