Summer Late

On August 11 2017 all the societies that reside at Burlington House opened their doors to the public for the Summer Late event


  1. There was a lot of excitement for Burlington House Summer Late before it started.
  2. All the societies opened their doors to the public, there were workshops, talks, activities and tours all around the theme of colour. The courtyard was filled with music, bean bags, a food stall and a craft beer stall.
  3. People loved our beautiful stained glass window.
  4. Four chemists discussed their research in under 15 minutes using comedy, demonstrations, cartoons and discussions.
  5. Matthew Partridge proposed that fiber optics can save the world. He asked the audience to propose apocalyptic scenarios then described how fiber optics could save us from that threat.
  6. Florian Buhr compared gene expression to written language, describing how poor written grammar can lead to confusing signs (caution pedestrians slippery when wet) and poor DNA grammar can lead to problems with protein synthesis.
  7. Andres Tretiakov delighted the audience with a demonstration he has developed. Instant thermite creates a reaction between a rusty iron ball with aluminium foil to produce temperature of more than >2000 °C and sparks of molten iron.