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Spring 2014 Twitter Scavenger Hunt

This story is about the Spring 2014 edition of the Twitter Scavenger Hunt that took place on February 26th at the American University in Cairo (AUC). This hunt was a part of the multimedia writing course taught by Professor Kim Fox. The professor divided the class into pairs to complete the tasks.


  1. My partner, Salma Ezz, and I arrived early to class to be well-prepared hunters! We had ninety minutes to complete the hunt.
  2. The moment we received our the list of tasks, we ran out of class to start our hunt. However, we took a moment for a quick picture for our introductory tweet.
  3. Task#1: Ask a professor what they think the role social media plays in social change.
  4. Luckily, we found a journalism professor, Firas Al-Atraqchi, in his office so we thought he would be  perfect to ask about the role of social media.
  5. Meanwhile, our classmates spoke to another journalism professor. I like the photo !
  6. Task#2: Ask a student where they get their news and if they use social media to keep up on the news.
  7. I ran into my friend, Noha El Tawil, so I took the chance ask her the second question on task list.
  8. Task#3: Academic excellence: How AUC contributes to cutting edge research and/or learning.
  9. Because the third question was about academic excellence in AUC, we ran to the School of Science and Engineering to look for any notable projects.
  10. Task#4: Photo and quote of something you think many people might not know about AUC/our campus.
  11. Salma told me that she has recently heard of the counseling services available at our university so we thought we should tweet this fact.
  12. Task#5: Extra curricular extravaganza: a photo and quote that exemplifies some of the huge variety of clubs, organizations, etc. available to students at AUC.
  13. Clubs at AUC range from community service clubs to theater and acting clubs.
  14. Fives tasks down and not so much time left!
  15. Task#6: A photo and quote from somebody about AUC sports teams or the sports facilities.
  16. Fortunately, we found someone at the gym willing to be photographed and give an opinion about the sports facilities.