Maurice Jones-Drew a No-Show at Camp

MJD exhibits his distaste for his current deal by skipping the first day of the Jaguars' mandatory minicamp.

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  1. Lol! Good one!
  2. Oh man! This MJD news sure brought out the comedians! Another good one.
  3. Could this be good news for Rashad Jennings?
  4. Here's a fan vying to be MJD's agent.
  5. Here's someone that won't be joining the MJD Fan Club anytime soon...
  6. I really REALLY hate Maurice Jones-Drew! He calls out Jay Cutler in the NFC championship game 2010 for leaving with a sprained knee saying he let his team down. Fact: Jones-Drew missed the rest of that same season with the same injury. Fact: Jones-Drew is now holding out and hurting his team... Really??!
  7. Lol. Talk about dry sarcasm...
  8. That-a-boy Maurice Jones-Drew. I wouldnt report to camp either
  9. Here's some highlights of what Jones-Drew is capable of when he decides to actually show up...
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